Rolser in the pink (and purple) – New colours for Spring

13 04 2008

Rolser Flora - Pink/Purple


Ferreting out a snazzy shopper?

6 04 2008

Here at Rolser HQ, we get all manner of queries ranging from wheel size, to fabric thickness, but a lady from Woking manages to claim the accolade of the most obscure enquiry we have ever received. Check it out for yourself (and I promise we’re not making it up!) …

I think the Rolser trolleys are fabulous but would like to see them physically before buying because I have a pet ferret that I take everywhere (almost) and need to see if I could pop him inside the small compartment on top, this is fun and he loves going to the shops with me but the bumpy small wheels of my trolley are uncomfortable for him.
Hercules (my ferret) is a trendy little guy, a born attention seeker and he’d love a super smart trolley.

It just goes to show – never mind about your age. You don’t even need to be human to be a Rolser trolley-dolly!

Rolser in Seek Fashion Guide – on the shelves now!

6 04 2008

Catch our double-page spread in Seek’s The Internet Shopper guide to Fashion and Beauty

– available now!

Rolser on This Morning – This Tuesday!

6 04 2008

Our Rolser trolleys will be taking pride of place in Wendy Elsmore’s fashion slot on Tuesday’s This Morning on ITV1.

Hello world!

6 04 2008

Welcome to The Rolser Blog! Here you’ll find the very latest news about the largest range of shopping trolleys in the country, as The Trolley Revolution sweeps the nation.

Remember, you can see the whole range, and buy online, on the site –

And please contribute your comments, views and opinions. Join the Rolser club, and join The Trolley Revolution!

Rolser on BBC Radio Solent

31 03 2008

This morning, we were featured on BBC Radio Solent – the local radio station for Hampshire and Dorset. Our marketing man Etan discussed the ins and outs of funky trolleys with Radio Solent’s breakfast team and celebrity stylist Ceril Campbell – who turned out to be rather a shopping trolley enthusiast herself!

The shopping bag on wheels has legs (Published on Housewares Magazine website)

28 03 2008

As the tide of bad publicity against the plastic bag grows, the scene is firmly set for the return of the shopping trolley.

The shopping trolley earns its eco-friendly stripes

Over the last few days the Spanish Rolser designer shopping trolleys, distributed in the UK by Novela, have enjoyed huge media attention, featuring in The Mail on Sunday’s You Magazine, with a picture of Julie Christie using one of the products, on GMTV, in the Daily Mail and on BBC Breakfast.

The surge of interest in the trolley is down not only to the fact that it is reusable, unlike the plastic bag, but that with the shopping on wheels the car can be left at home – further underlining the trolley’s green credentials.

Rolser claims to have the largest range of shopping trolleys in the country, all detailed on the website, It has also launched a new range of reusable shopping bags. The company says it has received lots of interest from housewares stores around the country.