Ferreting out a snazzy shopper?

6 04 2008

Here at Rolser HQ, we get all manner of queries ranging from wheel size, to fabric thickness, but a lady from Woking manages to claim the accolade of the most obscure enquiry we have ever received. Check it out for yourself (and I promise we’re not making it up!) …

I think the Rolser trolleys are fabulous but would like to see them physically before buying because I have a pet ferret that I take everywhere (almost) and need to see if I could pop him inside the small compartment on top, this is fun and he loves going to the shops with me but the bumpy small wheels of my trolley are uncomfortable for him.
Hercules (my ferret) is a trendy little guy, a born attention seeker and he’d love a super smart trolley.

It just goes to show – never mind about your age. You don’t even need to be human to be a Rolser trolley-dolly!



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