Rolser and The Rubbish Diet

9 03 2008

Let us introduce you to one of our funky trolley customers – Karen Cannard (an owner of a gorgeous Rolser Flora). An “average housewife from Bury St Edmunds”, Karen launched The Rubbish Diet, posing the question: “Can an average person really create zero waste?” Naturally, a Rolser trolley was in the mix, helping Karen say no to those dreaded plastic bags. Her quest was documented over a series of days on BBC Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour.

The following is a post from Karen’s blog:

On becoming an Urban Trolley-Dolly (and other adventures)

There’s been much excitement in the Almost Average Household over the last few days.

We’ve been expecting… but not in the antenatal sense. Our deliveries have been much more straight-forward and far less painful.

I have become a regular visitor at our local market, but I have found the weight of the shopping quite strenuous. So this week I treated myself to the mother of all trollies, a beautiful black & white beauty. We’re talking a gorgeous huge handbag on wheels.

I took it out on its inaugural trip into town today and it was a dream. I admit to feeling a bit self-conscious at first, as being a lady in my thirties (only just, I know) I didn’t think I was ready for the Trolley Dolly Club quite yet. However, what we must remember is that we can learn a lot from our elders and trust me, after my outing today I can confirm that there are many advantages in simply wheeling your shopping around town rather than lugging it about with increasingly extending arms in a back-breaking fashion.

UPDATE: Message from Karen: “I love the trolley and it’s already a talking point, with friends showing a lot of interest …Thanks for your support and long may the trolley revolution continue.”




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